Flexible Hours for Paying Your Traffic Ticket Online

It does take 4 days after you have been issued a ticket, before you can pay your ticket online.

One of things that makes paying your traffic

ticket online so convenient is the flexible hours the site runs allowing you to pay the ticket without taking time off work or spending your lunch hours rushing to the courthouse to pay your ticket. The hours in which you can pay ticket online are:

• Monday -7:30am -11:45pm
• Tuesday- 7:30am-11:45pm
• Wednesday- 7:30am-11:45pm
• Thursday- 7:30am -11:45pm
• Friday- 7:30am-10:45p-m
• Saturday- 7:30am- 3:45pm
• Sunday- 1:00pm- 11:45pm

Do keep in mind that you can’t pay your ticket online if the ticket itself states that you must appear in court or if you want to fight your traffic ticket.

Paying your traffic ticket is the same as pleading guilty to the offense so you may end up getting points on your driving record and if those points add up high enough you drivers license may even be suspended.

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